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  • MUS(USA) Corporate Access Conferences - offering investors a comprehensive communications bridge to International corporations. Click here to find out more.
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Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC
  • Corporate Credit Rating Methodology — Morningstar's Credit Ratings, LLC's methodology builds upon the knowledge that Morningstar has accumulated for more than a decade on companies, industries, and financial markets. Morningstar's credit rating methodology is based on company research including our expectations of future cash flows.
  • Bank Credit Rating Methodology — Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC's bank credit rating methodology is based on the same key components, or pillars, as our methodology for nonfinancial corporations: Business Risk, Bank Solvency Score, Distance to Default, and a Stress Test Score, which is analogous to the Morningstar® Cash Flow Cushion™ for nonfinancial corporations.
  • U.S. REIT Credit Rating Methodology — Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC's real estate investment trust (REIT) credit rating methodology is a sector-specific application of the Corporate Credit Rating Methodology. The REIT methodology is based on the same key components, or pillars, as the methodology for nonfinancial corporations: Business Risk, Morningstar® Cash Flow Cushion™, Morningstar Solvency Score™, and Distance to Default.
  • Methodology for Rating Parents, Subsidiaries, and Issues — Ratings of individual debt instruments may be adjusted up or down from the Consolidated Corporate Rating to take into account the individual security's priority of payment. Priority of payment for an individual debt instrument is determined by its issuer's place in the corporate structure, its seniority with respect to other debt, and the collateral securing it (if any).
Standard & Poors

Standard & Poor's has published the 2015 editions of our annual Top 10 Investor Questions for Global Corporates articles. Our analysts compile and provide responses to the 10 frequently-asked questions we hear from investors around the world. The questions we answer in this year's reports range from general inquiries about the pace of M&A activity to region- and sector-specific forecasts, including the consequences of increased shale gas production in China, rising acceptance of public-private partnerships in the U.S., and the effect of potential deflation for the European consumer sector.

All of the Standard & Poor's Top 10 reports, along with the related CreditMatters TV segments for each sector, can be found at

Request For Comment: Reflecting Subordination Risk In The Issue Ratings Of Corporate Issuers

SP Global Ratings — ESG Assessment Proposal

SP Global Ratings — Green Bond Assessment Proposal

2016 Global Corporate Debt Demand

U.S. Nonfinancial Corporates' Record $1.84 Trillion Cash Holdings Mask A Massive $6.6 Trillion Debt Burden

Which U.S. Corporate Sectors Will Feel The Chill From China's Cooling Growth?

Shareholder-Friendly Actions And Looming Rate Hikes Are Amplifying U.S. Corporate Credit Risks

Free SPRatings page for Global Fixed Income Research

Corporate Ratings Methodology Brochure

The Credit Cloud: Large U.S. Takeovers Are A Bad Omen For Credit Quality

Hot Topics Page: Management & Goverance Credit Factors - Non-Financial Corporates

Standard & Poor's 2012 Global Aging report

Global Corporate Default Study

Visit, the new free public website that S&P recently launched, to provide more ratings transparency and education to the market. The site contains videos, podcasts, articles and educational materials related to credit ratings.


The Web puts a wealth of finance and treasury information right at your finger tips; you just need to know where to look. Below are some suggestions to get you started. If you discover any other sites your fellow treasurers might find useful, e-mail us with the URLs, and we will incorporate them in the future.

Access Vanguard
Aon Risk Services Co., Inc.

Bank One

CFO Magazine
Chase Securities Inc.
Corporate Financials Online

Emerald Asset Management, Inc.
Equity & Bond Analyst Reports

Fidelity Investments
Financial Times
Frank Russell Company
FM Global
Franklin Templeton


JP Morgan

Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter


Putnam Investments

RealTime Quotes
Russell Investments

Salomon Smith Barney
S&P Ratings

The Vanguard Group
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Government Printing Office


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