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S&P Global Rating's has published the 2015 editions of our annual Top 10 Investor Questions for Global Corporates articles. Our analysts compile and provide responses to the 10 frequently-asked questions we hear from investors around the world. The questions we answer in this year's reports range from general inquiries about the pace of M&A activity to region- and sector-specific forecasts, including the consequences of increased shale gas production in China, rising acceptance of public-private partnerships in the U.S., and the effect of potential deflation for the European consumer sector.

Request For Comment: Reflecting Subordination Risk In The Issue Ratings Of Corporate Issuers

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SP Global Ratings — Green Bond Assessment Proposal

2016 Global Corporate Debt Demand

U.S. Nonfinancial Corporates' Record $1.84 Trillion Cash Holdings Mask A Massive $6.6 Trillion Debt Burden

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Shareholder-Friendly Actions And Looming Rate Hikes Are Amplifying U.S. Corporate Credit Risks

Free SPRatings page for Global Fixed Income Research

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The Credit Cloud: Large U.S. Takeovers Are A Bad Omen For Credit Quality

Hot Topics Page: Management & Goverance Credit Factors - Non-Financial Corporates

SS&P Global Rating's 2012 Global Aging report

Global Corporate Default Study

Visit, the new free public website that S&P recently launched, to provide more ratings transparency and education to the market. The site contains videos, podcasts, articles and educational materials related to credit ratings.

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